Exciting Recap of 2024 San Diego Supercross

Prepare to dive into an exciting summary of the 2024 San Diego Supercross, an electrifying event at the Snapdragon Stadium in sunny California. Despite a twist of weather canceling the second qualifying sessions, the dedicated track crew worked tirelessly to prepare the course for an unforgettable night of high-speed action. Spectators were treated to a spectacular display as Aaron Plessinger and Nate Thrasher triumphed in their respective classes.

Adding to the excitement, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the event. Get ready to witness some special celebratory graphics and exclusive gear sets as we take you through the highlights. Keep scrolling to catch all the action!

Main Events 450SX

Get ready for an action-packed summary of the 450SX Main Event, where the racers delivered an adrenaline-fueled performance on a challenging, rutted track, expertly prepped by the dedicated track crew.

The race began with Ken Roczen making a stunning start, seizing a significant lead. However, fortune turned as Roczen slid and crashed, losing his prime position and eventually finishing 12th after a struggle to restart his bike.

This twist in the race opened the door for Aaron Plessinger, who smoothly took over the lead. Demonstrating his skill in the soft track conditions, Plessinger maintained his position at the front, fending off relentless challenges to secure his first ever 450SX victory. His triumph was met with thunderous cheers from the crowd, as he now heads to Anaheim 2 wearing the prestigious red plate.

Cooper Webb, in a dramatic pursuit for the top spot, alternated between closing in on Plessinger and making errors that set him back. A late-race clash with Chase Sexton, who was being lapped, hindered Webb’s final push for victory, yet he still achieved his best result of the season with a strong second place.

Justin Barcia, bouncing back from a disappointing performance last week, secured a well-deserved podium finish. He showed early promise fighting for the lead and maintained a steady pace to clinch third, marking his best finish in the 2024 season so far.

2024 San Diego Supercross 450SX Main Event (Top 10)

1.Aaron Plessinger(KTM)22 Laps
2.Cooper Webb(Yam)+02.188
3.Justin Barcia(GG)+22.099
4.Jett Lawrence(Hon)+37.164
5.Jason Anderson(Kaw)+42.230
6.Dylan Ferrandis(Hon)+44.447
7.Hunter Lawrence(Hon)+52.323
8.Chase Sexton(KTM)21 Laps
9.Eli Tomac(Yam)+04.517
10.Dean Wilson(Hon)+21.237

Thrills and Spills in the 250SX Main Event

The 250SX Main Event was a breathtaking display of skill and nerve as riders pushed their limits on the driest track of the night. RJ Hampshire kicked off the action with a brilliant holeshot, leading in the initial laps. However, a slip-up in the whoops section allowed Garret Marchbanks to surge ahead.

Marchbanks led through the middle of the race, creating a small but significant gap over competitors Hampshire, Levi Kitchen, and Nate Thrasher. The dynamics shifted when Kitchen, in pursuit of Hampshire, took a fall, propelling Thrasher into a potential podium finish.

The race’s climax was nothing short of dramatic. As the white flag signaled the final lap, Marchbanks collided with a lapped rider, opening a golden opportunity for Thrasher to snatch the lead just past the finish line. Marchbanks gave chase but couldn’t manage to reclaim his position.

In an intense final stretch, Hampshire remained a strong contender, turning it into a thrilling three-way contest for the lead. Ultimately, Thrasher emerged victorious, marking his first win of the season. A dramatic highside crash in the penultimate turn cost Hampshire dearly, dropping him to sixth and paving the way for points leader Jordon Smith to sneak into third place, rounding off an electrifying race.

2024 San Diego Supercross 250SX Main Event (Top 10)

1.Nate Thrasher(Yam)16 Laps
2.Garrett Marchbanks(Yam)+01.203
3.Jordon Smith(Yam)+05.141
4.Jo Shimoda(Hon)+05.572
5.Levi Kitchen(Kaw)+06.390
6.RJ Hampshire(Hus)+10.486
7.Mitchell Oldenburg(Hon)+38.741
8.Ryder Difrancesco(GG)+51.399
9.Hunter Yoder(Kaw)15 Laps
10.Anthony Bourdon(Suz)+11.599


In a dramatic turn of events, Nate Thrasher capitalized on a slowed Garrett Marchanks by a lapped rider to clinch his first victory of the year. In the 450SX Main Event, Aaron Plessinger showcased remarkable resilience on the challenging, slippery track, securing not just the win but also the top spot in the points standings.

Meanwhile, in the 250SX Main Event, Jordon Smith continued his consistent performance, extending his lead in the points race. His streak of success was bolstered by RJ Hampshire’s last-lap mishap, which handed Smith his third consecutive podium finish.

450SX Championship Standings Update

In the thrilling 450 class, Aaron Plessinger has emerged as a standout, clinching his first 450SX Main Event win and seizing the points lead amidst the season’s chaos.


250SX Championship Standings: Progress After Round 3 of 10

In the latest update on the 250SX Championship, Nate Thrasher celebrated a victory at San Diego. However, he remains 37 points behind the leader, Jordon Smith, due to a DNF at Anaheim 1 and a challenging race in San Francisco.

Jordon Smith continues to demonstrate remarkable consistency, further solidifying his lead in the points standings. His advantage was boosted when RJ Hampshire’s last-lap mishap in the San Diego 250SX Main Event led to Smith securing his third consecutive podium finish.

Levi Kitchen showed great speed but an early crash in the same event kept him away from the podium. Garrett Marchbanks was close to victory but settled for second. Nevertheless, he’s still a strong contender for the championship, trailing the leader by just 10 points.

131Jordon Smith67
247Levi Kitchen59
326Garrett Marchbanks57
424Rj Hampshire54
555Mitchell Oldenburg41
6100Anthony Bourdon39
730Jo Shimoda36
841Carson Mumford36
985Hunter Yoder36
10929Julien Beaumer33
1178Joshua Varize31
1257Nate Thrasher30
1334Ryder DiFrancesco28
1471Cole Thompson27
1520Maximus Vohland20
1673Robbie Wageman19
1736Phillip Nicoletti18
18245Matti Jorgensen17
19162Max Sanford15
20135Lance Kobusch9
22116Tj Albright8
2335Talon Hawkins7
24114Geran Stapleton6
25942Deegan Hepp5
26500Julien Benek3
27316Ty Freehill2
28473Lux Turner2
29509Alex Nagy1

Final Words

Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating journey through the 2024 San Diego Supercross. From stunning victories to unexpected twists, this event has truly been a showcase of skill, determination, and high-octane excitement. As we close this chapter, remember that the season is still in full swing, and there’s much more action to come.

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