2024 San Francisco Supercross Round 2 Results

Get ready for a thrilling recap of the 2024 San Francisco Supercross! Held at Oracle Park in California, this second round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series was nothing short of dramatic. Despite a day of relentless rain turning the track into a challenging mud bath, the skilled team at Dirt Wurx managed to whip the course into race-ready condition.

The event culminated in an exhilarating finish, with Chase Sexton and Jordon Smith clinching impressive victories and emerging as the new championship frontrunners.

2024 San Francisco Supercross 450SX Main Event Highlights

In an exciting 450SX main event, Chase Sexton showcased his skill by securing an early lead with a flawless holeshot. Despite the chaos unfolding behind him, Sexton, representing Red Bull KTM, dominated the race from start to finish, marking his first victory in the series. He impressively maintained his lead throughout, overcoming challenges from rival Eli Tomac and other racers, and now proudly holds the series lead with the coveted red plate.

Eli Tomac, displaying remarkable resilience, clinched second place, achieving his first podium finish of the season. Though he closed in on Sexton towards the end, Tomac couldn’t get close enough to attempt an overtaking move. This strong performance is a significant improvement from his previous race and has propelled him to a tie for third place in the overall standings.

Ken Roczen also made headlines by finishing third. He nearly outpaced Sexton at the start but experienced a setback after stalling his bike. Roczen, however, made a strong comeback, engaging in a gripping contest with his Suzuki teammate Shane Mcelrath and ultimately securing the final spot on the podium.

Shane Mcelrath finished a commendable fourth, followed closely by Aaron Plessinger in fifth. Jett Lawrence, despite facing multiple falls, managed to cross the finish line in ninth place.

2024 San Francisco Supercross 450SX Main Event (Top 10)

1.Chase Sexton(KTM)12 Laps
2.Eli Tomac(Yam)+07.459
3.Ken Roczen(Suz)+27.255
4.Shane Mcelrath(Suz)+44.774
5.Aaron Plessinger(KTM)+46.565
6.Dylan Ferrandis(Hon)+48.999
7.Jorge Prado(GG)+1:19.762
8.Adam Cianciarulo(Kaw)+1:42.537
9.Jett Lawrence(Hon)11 Laps
10.Hunter Lawrence(Hon)+07.104

250 Main Event Summary: A Rainy and Thrilling Race

The 250 main event, marked by heavy rain, was an intense showdown shortened to 10 minutes plus one lap. Jordon Smith emerged as the star, seizing the holeshot and maintaining his lead throughout the race. His advantage grew to an impressive 15 seconds at one point, but the gap narrowed dramatically towards the end, leading to a nail-biting finish where he won by less than a second. With this victory, Smith takes the lead in the series with the prestigious red plate.

Levi Kitchen showcased exceptional skill, fighting his way to second place in the challenging conditions. The battle for the second and third spots was fierce throughout, but Kitchen set the fastest lap, significantly closing in on Smith’s lead. He finished just 0.9 seconds behind Smith, earning his second consecutive podium finish and rising to second in the overall points tally.

Garrett Marchbanks claimed the third spot on the podium, overcoming a series of obstacles including a fall and several errors. In a dramatic late-race move, he passed his Club MX teammate Phil Nicoletti to secure his first podium position since 2021. This performance propels him to fourth place in the series standings.

RJ Hampshire started strong but encountered difficulties after a fall, eventually finishing ninth and dropping to third in the championship standings.

Both Jo Shimoda and Max Vohland were unable to finish the race due to early mechanical problems.

2024 San Francisco Supercross 250SX West Main Event (Top 10)

1.Jordon Smith(Yam)8 Laps
2.Levi Kitchen(Kaw)+00.913
3.Garrett Marchbanks(Yam)+58.654
4.Phil Nicoletti(Yam)+1:06.386
5.Carson Mumford(Hon)+1:14.373
6.Anthony Bourdon(Suz)+1:17.611
7.Joshua Varize(GG)+1:22.732
8.Hunter Yoder(Kaw)+1:38.497
9.Rj Hampshire(Hus)7 Laps
10.Mitchell Oldenburg(Hon)+28.729

2024 San Francisco Supercross Qualifying Rounds

The day saw only one round of qualifiers due to the challenging track conditions. Aaron Plessinger excelled, posting the fastest time. His teammate, Chase Sexton, was close behind. Hunter Lawrence also put in a strong performance.

450SX Combined Qualifying (Top 10)

1.Aaron Plessinger(KTM)1:09.128
2.Chase Sexton(KTM)1:09.337
3.Hunter Lawrence(Hon)1:09.502
4.Jett Lawrence(Hon)1:10.123
5.Cooper Webb(Yam)1:10.884
6.Ken Roczen(Suz)1:11.064
7.Jason Anderson(Kaw)1:11.422
8.Adam Cianciarulo(Kaw)1:12.074
9.Malcolm Stewart(Hus)1:12.271
10.Eli Tomac(Yam)1:12.448

In the 250SX class, RJ Hampshire led the qualifiers, followed by Max Sanford and Nate Thrasher. Despite a crash, Hampshire showed his skill and determination.

250SX West Combined Qualifying (Top 10)

1.RJ Hampshire(Hus)1:06.054
2.Max Sanford(Hon)1:06.236
3.Nate Thrasher(Yam)1:06.607
4.Garrett Marchbanks(Yam)1:06.901
5.Matti Jorgensen(GG)1:07.281
6.Mitchell Oldenburg(Hon)1:07.380
7.Carson Mumford(Hon)1:07.824
8.Geran Stapleton(Kaw)1:07.859
9.Levi Kitchen(Kaw)1:07.969
10.Jordon Smith(Yam)1:08.525

Overall Standout Performances

450 Class

PositionNameAnaheim 1San FranciscoTotal
1.Chase Sexton202545
2.Jett Lawrence251338
3.Eli Tomac132235
4.Aaron Plessinger181735
5.Dylan Ferrandis171633
6.Jason Anderson221032
7.Ken Roczen122032
8.Cooper Webb161127
9.Jorge Prado91524
10.Adam Cianciarulo101424
11.Shane McElrath51823
12.Justin Barcia15520
13.Derek Drake7916
14.Justin Cooper14014
15.Hunter Lawrence01212
16.Dean Wilson6612
17.Malcolm Stewart11011
18.Christian Craig2810
19.Justin Hill808
20.Austin Politelli077

250 West Class

PositionNameAnaheim 1San FranciscoTotal
1.Jordon Smith222547
2.Levi Kitchen202242
3.RJ Hampshire251338
4.Garrett Marchbanks152035
5.Carson Mumford121729
6.Anthony Bourdon111627
7.Julien Beaumer161127
8.Mitchell Oldenburg141226
9.Hunter Yoder91423
10.Joshua Varize71522
11.Maximus Vohland17320
12.Phillip Nicoletti01818
13.Jo Shimoda18018
14.Cole Thompson10717
15.Ryder DiFrancesco13114
16.Max Sanford01010
17.Matti Jorgensen909
18.Slade Varola088
19.Robbie Wageman808
20.Geran Stapleton606

This event was a true test of skill and resilience for the riders, offering fans an exciting and unpredictable spectacle. The series continues to deliver thrilling races, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!


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