This weekend, hometown hero Austin Cozadd returns home to his roots in Attalla, Alabama, for an exhilarating race in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series at Birmingham’s Protective Stadium. “I never thought that was going to happen, and hopefully, we can keep coming back,” the enthusiastic Cozadd expressed.

From BMX to Supercross: Cozadd’s Unique Journey

Unlike many pro riders, Cozadd didn’t start racing motorcycles until age 12. His early years were spent tearing up the BMX track at Oak Mountain State Park. Coming from a family of racers, with a grandfather who drove race cars and a father who rode motocross, it seems Cozadd was destined for life on two wheels.

Navigating the Challenging World of Supercross

Now in his fourth pro season, Cozadd has experience with both the 250cc and 450cc classes. He’s finding success back on the 250cc bike this year, stating, “The progression I made on the 450 the last two years is really paying off.”

The powerful 450cc bikes can be tricky on the tight supercross tracks. “A 450 realistically has too much power for a supercross track, to be honest,” Cozadd explained. “The biggest aspect is the jumping and the timing.”

Faith, Family, and Racing: The Cozadd Story

Faith plays a significant role in the Cozadd family. Austin’s father, Kevin, felt called to step away from racing to attend bible college. After graduating, he began a ministry called MXers for Jesus, which ministers to motocross racers across the country. Austin, born shortly after the ministry started, has grown up with faith as a central part of his life.

The Privateer Life: Passion and Perseverance

As a privateer racer without major financial backing, Cozadd faces unique challenges. “I’m on a privateer team. So, no salary. Nothing. I actually have to get sponsor money to pay for them to take my stuff,” he shared. From working on his bike to securing sponsors, Cozadd wears many hats.

Luckily, he has the support of his fiancĂ©e, Janie Beeland. “She’s awesome, she’s there whenever I need her help,” Cozadd said gratefully.

Don’t Miss the Excitement!

For those new to motorcycle racing, Cozadd has a message: “It is very intense racing. Even if you don’t understand it, it is exciting.”

Catch all the heart-pumping action this Saturday, March 9, at Protective Stadium. Gates open at 11 AM for practice and qualifying, with opening ceremonies kicking off at 5:30 PM. Cheer on as hometown hero Austin Cozadd returns home to dominate the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. Don’t miss the action!


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