2024 Daytona Supercross Results and Point

Experience the excitement of the 2024 Daytona Supercross results and point standings at the iconic Daytona International Speedway. Witness Lawrence’s remarkable third win of the season amidst fierce competition.

In the 250SX East class, there was a breakthrough victory as former 250MX World Champion Tom Vialle celebrated his first win since arriving in America. Vialle’s triumph mirrored Lawrence’s success, marked by its sheer impressiveness. The French rider demonstrated his prowess by navigating through the challenging conditions, swiftly ascending from third to first position to claim the well-deserved victory.

2024 Daytona 450SX Main Results

In a thrilling display, Lawrence swiftly maneuvered past earlier heat-race winner Ken Roczen to claim third place by the end of the first lap. He then charged after the leader, defending Supercross Champion Chase Sexton, and the second-placed veteran Tomac. By lap five, Lawrence overtook both competitors with ease, leading the pack for the remaining nine laps to secure his inaugural 450cc Daytona victory. A truly impressive feat for the newcomer.

1.Jett Lawrence(Hon)14 Laps
2.Eli Tomac(Yam)+05.889
3.Chase Sexton(KTM)+09.734
4.Cooper Webb(Yam)+32.404
5.Ken Roczen(Suz)+35.227
6.Justin Cooper(Yam)+36.214
7.Malcolm Stewart(Hus)+48.370
8.Dylan Ferrandis(Hon)+49.213
9.Jason Anderson(Kaw)+1:36.072
10.Benny Bloss(Bet)13 Laps

2024 Daytona 250SX East Main Event Results

After just one lap, Vialle found himself trailing two riders from the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team, Seth Hammaker and the speedy starter Cameron McAdoo. Demonstrating his agility, Vialle swiftly overtook Hammaker before shadowing McAdoo’s every move for several laps. His persistence paid off when McAdoo made a crucial error, allowing Vialle to seize the lead on the fifth lap.

Over the next six laps, Vialle showcased his mastery of the challenging muddy and rutted track, extending his lead to a commanding 4.5-second margin over McAdoo. McAdoo, in turn, held a slim advantage of just over three seconds ahead of his teammate Hammaker, resulting in a podium sweep for the green bikes at Daytona.

1.Tom Vialle(KTM)11 Laps
2.Cameron McAdoo(Kaw)+04.997
3.Seth Hammaker(Kaw)+08.674
4.Haiden Deegan(Yam)+14.224
5.Pierce Brown(GG)+16.318
6.Coty Schock(Yam)+46.589
7.Jalek Swoll(Tri)+53.864
8.Max Anstie(Hon)+53.954
9.Marshal Weltin(Yam)+1:11.353
10.Daxton Bennick(Yam)+1:20.568

2024 Supercross Point Standings (After Round 8 OF 17)

Jett Lawrence once again showcased his dominance, bouncing back from a recent crash to reclaim lost points. Despite last week’s victory, Cooper Webb struggled in Daytona, while Chase Sexton’s third-place finish marked a strong return from injury. Eli Tomac, a seven-time Daytona winner, settled for second behind Lawrence, a respectable outcome. With momentum on his side, Lawrence heads into next week’s competition as the one to watch. 2024 Daytona Supercross Results and Point Standings after round 8

450SX Championship Point Standings

POS.#NAMETotal points
118Jett Lawrence160
22Cooper Webb150
31Chase Sexton147
43Eli Tomac144
594Ken Roczen133
67Aaron Plessinger132
721Jason Anderson131
814Dylan Ferrandis107
932Justin Cooper91
1096Hunter Lawrence87
1151Justin Barcia82
1227Malcolm Stewart79
1312Shane McElrath64
1415Dean Wilson46
15111Jorge Prado45
169Adam Cianciarulo43
1728Christian Craig39
1867Benny Bloss33
1946Justin Hill29
2011Kyle Chisholm27

250SX East Championship Point Standings

POS.#NAMETotal points
137Max Anstie52
263Cameron Mcadoo51
339Pierce Brown51
416Tom Vialle49
538Haiden Deegan49
669Coty Schock48
759Daxton Bennick44
843Seth Hammaker39
965Henry Miller37
1075Marshal Weltin35
1148Chance Hymas34
1233Jalek Swoll31
1364Austin Forkner27
1483Guillem Farres27
15511Nicholas Romano26
16602Gage Linville16
17174Trevor Colip11
186Jeremy Martin10
1986Luca Marsalisi10
20682Izaih Clark10


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