Jorge Prado AMA Supercross Rumor

Got some juicy moto gossip for you! There’s a Jorge Prado AMA Supercross rumor that’s revving up the motorsport world. It all started when the MXGP World champ, Jorge Prado, caught up with Jase Macalpine, the podcast king who’s not just a hit in the USA but a global sensation. Known for his laid-back style and in-depth chats, Jase, a true-blue Aussie and Prado’s mate, might have just given us a sneak peek into a thrilling possibility on the tracks.

They got talking about Prado’s dreams of speeding around U.S. tracks, and guess what? There’s buzz about him possibly joining the 2024 AMA Supercross Championship kick-off at A1. And we’re not talking distant future; this could be happening in just a couple of months!

The inside scoop from Cooksey Media is that Prado’s ready to rev up his engine at the first three AMA Supercross rounds, joining the supercharged Troy Lee Design Red Bull GasGas team.

Here’s the deal: Prado was in the U.S. not long ago, testing out the supercross scene. He took to it like a duck to water, way faster than anyone thought. There wasn’t any talk of racing in the states… until now. The word on the street (or should we say ‘track’) is that Prado might have sealed a deal to race alongside the awesome Justin Barcia with the Troy Lee Design Red Bull GasGas squad.

If the rumors hold true, we’ll see Prado make his AMA Supercross debut in Anaheim on January 6th. Then, he’ll hit the gas for more action in San Francisco on January 13th and San Diego on January 20th.

Jorge Prado said “If I don’t come over now, maybe next year is too late. I wanted to see how I felt and if I could see myself living over here. So, the group supported me. I would say I enjoyed it more than I expected. I couldn’t remember the feeling eight years ago. I said we go, and test track, bike ready, my training mechanic came over. I had my set-up. I also had support from the whole GasGas/KTM group, and everyone was there testing. I was in the mix, and I saw Christian Craig riding, also the 250 guys. I can learn from the rest. Like I said before, I enjoyed it, and I liked it.”

Don’t worry, MXGP fans; it looks like Prado’s heart is still pounding for the World Motocross Championship. After all, he’s the reigning 2023 MXGP champ, and he’s not likely to give up his throne without a fight. Stay tuned for more throttle-thrilling updates!

Amid the Jorge Prado AMA Supercross rumor, the motocross community is abuzz with anticipation. Will the MXGP champ take on the US tracks? Time will tell.


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