Suzuki SuperMotocross 2024 Teams

Gear up for an exhilarating ride with the Suzuki SuperMotocross 2024 Teams! This season promises to be a spectacular showcase of speed and skill, as Suzuki rolls out its top-notch teams. Combining the prowess of seasoned veterans with the zest of new stars, this lineup is all set to take the SuperMotocross world by storm. Stay tuned for a season filled with heart-racing excitement!

HEP Motorsports: A Mix of Old and New

The HEP Motorsports team is set to roar with familiar names like Roczen, Chisholm, and Mcelrath in the 450 class. They’re all revved up to bring their A-game this season. Plus, keep an eye on the BARX Team – they’re almost entirely new and ready to shake things up with some unexpected moves.

“I am excited to be back for 2024 with the Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki Team,” said Roczen. “We have built a great foundation, and I am eager to continue to try and put our Suzuki on the podium. The team and I are very motivated!”

Pipes Motorsports Group: Double Trouble in the 450-Class

The Pipes Motorsports Group is doubling down with their teams in the 450-class championship. Watch out for the 2024 Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki squad – they’ve got a dynamic mix of five riders across both 250 and 450 classes, ready to take on the tracks with gusto.

Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki and Twisted Tea Suzuki Teams

Two beloved HEP Motorsports teams, Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki and Twisted Tea Suzuki, are back! Riders Roczen and Chisholm can’t wait to step up their game, aiming to clinch those podium spots with a blend of experience and sheer determination.

Pipes Motorsports Group: Building on Success

Dustin Pipes, the Team Principle of Pipes Motorsports Group, is all about hard work and positive vibes. He’s looking to build on last season’s success with a strong, returning lineup including Ken, Shane, and Kyle.

Larry Brooks: Steering HEP to Victory

Larry Brooks, the team manager of HEP, is eyeing another year of triumphs. With an off-season of intense preparation, he’s confident in the skills of Ken, Kyle, and Shane to start the season with a bang in Anaheim.

Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki: Youth on the Rise

The 2024 Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki team is young, energetic, and ready to show their mettle. Racing mainly on Suzuki RM-Z250s, and with one rider in the 450 class, this team boasts five young hotshots, including Derek Drake, Max Miller, Preston Boespflug, Anthony Bourdon, and Dilan Schwartz. Each rider brings their unique flair, making this team one to watch.

As Suzuki unveils its power-packed teams for the 2024 SuperMotocross season, fans are in for a treat. Expect an electrifying season filled with expert moves, youthful energy, and breathtaking races. Stay tuned for a season that promises to elevate the thrill of racing to new levels!

Final Words

Suzuki’s lineup for the 2024 SuperMotocross season is a thrilling blend of experience and new talent. Expect adrenaline-pumping races with teams like HEP Motorsports and BARX Suzuki showcasing top-tier skills, promising an unforgettable season of high-octane motocross action.


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